We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions about the NTI Contest. It is very likely that there is an answer to your question too.

If not, we are glad to help you via email: info@nti-contest.ru or telephone: +7 (800) 222-06-90 (toll free calls in Russia). We are ready to answer your questions by phone on weekdays from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Moscow time.


1.1. What is NTI?

NTI stands for “National Technology Initiative”. This is a state program shaping fundamentally new markets and creating conditions for Russia’s global technological leadership by 2035. Within the NTI, you can try yourself in engineering of the future: big data, unmanned vehicles design, smart cities, etc. You can read more about the NTI on the website of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives: http://asi.ru/nti/

1.2. What do the winners of the 2018-2019 NTI Contest get?

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the NTI Contest is held for the fourth time. 15 sections of the Contest are included in the list of Academic Contests for schoolchildren, the winners and prizewinners will get advantages for entering universities. Winners and prizewinners of other sections will get additional points for entering universities that organize the Contest.

The winners of the Contest are also awarded with individual and team prizes and diplomas. Winners and prizewinners of this year’s NTI Contest will be able to participate in the final stage of the NTI Contest in the 2019-2020 academic year without going through qualifying stages. Most importantly, they become a part of the Russian engineering community; they get an opportunity to go to the «Proektoriya» youth tech forum, to the engineering program at Sirius education center and to take part in various internships abroad and with Russian enterprises.

1.3. Does the Contest help to enter the university?

The Contest is included in the list of Academic Contests for the 2018-2019 academic year by the Russian Council for academic contests for schoolchildren (Level 3). This means that winning the Contest in sections held for the second year gives you preferences for entering universities.

Details will appear in our wonderful table for applicants by mid-October.

1.4. What sections give 100 points in Unified State Exam certificate to enter the university?


2.1. When are the application dates for the Contest?

Application period of the Contest began on September 15, 2018 and ends on October 30, 2018

2.2. And what about the number of attempts?

In the first qualifying stage, we offer you three attempts to solve subject-related problems. The schedule of attempts for different sections is available on the page «Schedule». You can use all your attempts or only one: the best of your results is scored for each subject.

  1. 1st attempt: October 1 to October 13 inclusive.
  2. 2nd attempt: October 13 to October 25 inclusive.
  3. 3rd attempt: October 25 to November 6 inclusive.

You can apply to participate in the Contest before the third attempt begins, which means that you can take part only in the third attempt, do the task well and be qualified.

2.3. You say that it is a team Contest. Do all team members have to apply?

Yes, all team members must apply. All participants of the Contest must submit an individual application. After the first stage, having solved the problems individually, you will be able to team up and continue to work together.

2.4. What age should I be to apply for the Contest?

There are two levels of problem difficulties in the Contest: for grades 9 and 10-11. Pupils of lower grades may participate as well. In this case, they will need to partially master the school curriculum of the higher grades. We recommend such participants to choose the level of the 9th grade.

2.5. Can I apply and participate in multiple sections at the same time?

Yes, you can apply and participate in two sections at the same time. The results of the first stage will be credited to all suitable sections that you have applied for. Then choose your two sections and let’s rush to the second stage!

In this case, you can be a member of two teams at the same time, one per section.  If you enter the final stage in both sections, you will have to chose one for the final stage.

2.6. How and when can I choose sections?

At the first stage, you need to do well in subjects necessary for your section. After the first stage, minimal score will be announced for each section. If you have it, everything is all right and you can move on. If you score points for several sections, you need to choose two for the second stage. You can chose your sections from November 5 to 15, 2018.

2.7. Can I participate in the Contest if I do not have a team?

Yes, you can participate alone. In the second stage, you can find partners or act alone until the final stage, although it will be much more difficult for you. In the finals, participants without teams will draw lots to form teams.

2.8. Can foreign citizens participate?

Yes, no problem.

2.9. Can students of secondary vocational education or those children who do not go to school participate?

It is possible, but only in the first two stages and only off-site, that is, for their own pleasure. It is not possible to reach the finals.


3.1. The NTI contest is about engineering solutions for the future, but in the first stage it is necessary to solve problems in school subjects again. Why?

The first stage is necessary to test the basic knowledge of participants and to prepare them for further challenges.

Starting from the second stage you will have more interesting problems and simulators that go beyond the usual school curriculum. In the second stage and the finals, you will face serious challenges, so we recommend you to pay attention to the first stage.

3.2. Do I need to solve all the problems to get to the next stage?

It is not necessary, but desirable. The second stage is for those participants who reached a minimal score for all solved problems in total.

3.3. Is it possible to solve the given problems from one subject and not to solve problems from another?

You can solve any of the given problems. In the end, all your points together make a total score.

3.4. Why are only Python, C/C++, Java and other languages unknown to me available in programming problems? I do not know these programming languages and want to solve problems in Pascal.

The tasks of the Contest are available on the Stepik platform, so when solving problems you can use all the languages supported by this platform. In the second qualifying stage and while preparing for the finals, you can take recommended online courses to study these languages.

3.5. Where can I find my results?

You can find your results (points scored) on the Stepik platform. Before the end of the first stage in your personal account of the Contest website, you will be able to find the current amount of points for all the solved problems.

3.6. What will happen to my team if my colleagues do not score the required number of points in the first stage and do not get to the next stage?

Before the start of the second stage, teams will be formed only from those who succeeded in the first stage of the Contest. In this case, you will have to form a team of a smaller number of participants.

3.7 How many participants get to the next qualification stage?

The number of schoolchildren who get to the next stage is calculated for each section depending on the number of participants and their scores. We will try to announce the results of the qualifying stages quickly.


4.1. When does the second qualifying stage begin?

The second qualifying stage begins on November 15 and ends on January 12, 2019. In your personal account you will see a new interface for creating teams.

4.2. How will teams be formed?

You need to fill out a questionnaire, the link is in your personal account on the web site profile.nti-contest.ru.

The team can be formed only for your level. So, a ninth-grader can take part in a team with grades 10 and 11 only if in the first stage he or she solved the problems for grades 10-11.

4.3. How much time are we given to form a team?

You start forming teams immediately after the results of the first stage are announced. You need to be ready with forming your team before the second stage begins. So, it will be possible from November 7 to 14, 2017.

4.4. Is it possible to change the team composition during the second stage?


4.5. What kind of tasks will be given in the second stage?

In the second stage, you have to solve complex problems related to calculations and programming.

4.6. Can we solve tasks together as a team?

Yes, the tasks of the second stage can be solved together. And you can divide the problems between yourselves if you prefer.

4.7. Does the recommended online course give us extra points?

No, passing the recommended online courses on Stepik or other platforms does not give you additional points, but allows you to get the necessary knowledge and skills to solve the problems of the second and final stages.

4.8. Who gets into the finals, the team or individual participants like after the first stage?

The teams that scored the maximum number of points in the second stage, that is, all team members, get to the finals.

4.9. Are the results of the first stage taken into account in determining the winners of the second stage?

No, the results of the first stage are not taken into account. Only the second one.


5.1. When and where will the final stage take place?

The final will be held in different venues depending on the section. And not at the same time: see our schedule. This year we have created a system of distributed finals, most likely we will not have one big final.

5.2. What is a distributed final?

So, for some sections the final will be held in one venue, and for some — in several venues in parallel and simultaneously, so that the finalists will have more convenient travel (and will travel a shorter distance).

5.3. Should the whole team come to the finals?

No, it is not necessary. It is possible that not all team members must come to the finals, but in this case it may be more difficult for you to solve engineering problems. However, only those who participated in the final stage can become winners and prizewinners of the Contest.

5.4. Can I come to the finals alone?

Yes. All participants who came to the Contest without teams will draw lots to form them.

5.5. How long will the finals last?

The final stage of the section will last, on average, 4 days. On one of the days, all participants of the Contest solve problems on the chosen section individually, in the next three days they participate in the engineering competition in teams. The total score for each participant will be calculated as a result of all days of the finals.

5.6. What is the individual part of the final stage?

During the individual part, each participant of the Contest needs to solve tasks in those subjects that correspond to the chosen section. Tasks in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Physics are solved in writing. Tasks in Computer Science are solved by writing programs and checking them with automatic tests.

5.7. Is it possible to come to only some of the final days?

No, participation is possible only if you are available all days of the Contest final stage.