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Development of the NTI Contest requires collaboration with companies that are at the forefront of technical and engineering innovations and that share an interest in preparing a new generation of passionate professionals and leaders. The NTI Contest partners with both Russian companies focused on the growth of perspective technological markets and foreign companies associated with innovations, seeking to gain a foothold and develop in the Russian market.

Partnerships create an ecosystem for the Contest, spread the ideas of the Contest and the NTI beyond this ecosystem, verify that the tasks in the sections are in demand by business, and act as external experts on the compliance of the Contest with performance indicators.


Choose a section(s) of the Contest that you would like to support and send an email to If you can’t decide on the section – don’t worry, just contact us and we will help you. After that, we will send out our sponsorship package options for different budgets describing which opportunities you will have at the Contest, how your company will be presented, and what advantages you will get. We are always eager to consider your preferences and compose a partnership package taking them into account. Next, we will conclude a contract and start our cooperation.


You can do amazing projects and work on a lot of them, but the modern world is designed in such a way that if you don’t spread messages about them, they seem to exist only in part or do not exist at all. The heroes of our publications, stories and videos are young and talented engineers, their devoted mentors and teachers, the products they create and the ideas people need. We like to show to the audience smart and talented faces, prominent projects and new meanings. And we know how to do it. If you share this logic, if you see the points of intersection between our and your projects, target audiences and ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us.


The NTI Contest is developing thanks to mentors and venues throughout the country.

We are happy to expand our partner network. We try to be the first to inform our colleagues about all interesting activities for schoolchildren and mentors: not only about the NTI Contest events but also about project approach-based programs, competitions, tournaments, mentor schools, and grants. We provide information support for events. We advise on the design of educational paths for the NTI Contest participants.

Collaborating with the Contest allows schools, Centers for Youth Innovation Creativity, and technology parks to make schoolchildren interested in the latest engineering tasks and to prepare them for actual work on large complex projects.

How to become a venue

To become a preparation venue for the NTI Contest it is necessary to:

  • get acquainted with formal terms of cooperation,
  • select the sections that you are going to work on training participants of the Contest,
  • hold a 45-minute NTI Lesson or another event at your venue;
  • write a post-report on the event in your social network profiles according to the format,
  • fill in the venue application form.

Within a week you will receive a letter from the NTI Contest organizing team. During this time we recommend that you:

  • learn more about the selected sections’ cards (these are the documents that describe in detail what skills the participant should have by the final stage of the Contest)
  • check the list of equipment for training and the finals,
  • read the «Training materials» page on our website,
  • invite your students to register for the NTI Contest.
  • After signing the agreement, we will place your organization’s logo and contact details on the NTI Contest website.
  • You will need to encourage schoolchildren to participate in the Contest (at least 1 team).
  • Each venue hosts at least 2 specialized events per year: according to the program provided by the Organizing Committee, or by using its own program agreed upon by the Organizing Committee. Two weeks before the event we send training materials to you, as well as send out a newsletter for the participants of the NTI Contest in your region.

After a year of successful cooperation, the preparation venue can receive the status of a methodological venue

Any educational organization, Center for Youth Innovation Creativity, etc. can become a preparation venue.

The preparation venue:

  • attracts at least 1 new team of participants,
  • hosts training events for participants,
  • helps schoolchildren form teams.

The preparation venue gets:

  • methodical materials, recommendations, and activity plans,
  • information support,
  • its logo and website link in the venue list.

The methodical venue is an educational organization that has experience of cooperation with the NTI Contest as a preparation venue, or an organization that has methodological developments on topics relevant to the subjects of the Contest, approved by the developers of the corresponding section.

The methodical venue:

  • attracts at least 1 new team of participants,
  • hosts training events for participants,
  • helps schoolchildren form teams,
  • develops methodical materials for selected sections,
  • cooperates with sections’ designers,
  • cooperates with preparation venues as a consultant on its methodical materials.

The methodical venue gets:

  • methodical materials/recommendations/activity plans,
  • section content designer’s contact info,
  • information support,
  • its logo and website link in the NTI Contest organizers list.